Monday, March 30, 2015

Art Shop:

I love how I can bring all my loves and passions to one place here. There's the edgy punk rock ties for men and women. There are necklaces with little bottles filled with flowers and lavender oil that are super feminine. Rave Kandi remind me of being a kid. The keychains are a tribute to my grandpa and the bell on his keychain. The map art represent my passion of traveling and the different places I've been. There's art to show my love of the Beatles, bridges, aerial, motorcycles, Disney, a lot of Disney things because I grew up loving Disney (Snow White & Aladdin VHS was my first Christmas present). There are things to reflect my favorite sports teams- more Lakers things are in the works. People that are or have been apart of my heart influence my art, and they can be seen in my work.

I have a masculine and a feminine side that compliment and conflict with one another. I am a young child and a grown woman trying to take on the world one day at a time. In my life, there are so many people and things in my heart- I could not focus on one. My shop is starting to be the clearest reflection of me and the life I have lived and loved.