Bans not personal because I don't actually know you as a person, so don't get your panties all in a bunch and get all butt hurt over it. There are thousands and thousands of models online. Find one that you will be kind to.

I ban people who are in my room and don't talk to me or are idle in my room because they make me feel like an object of desire instead of a human being. This is the main reason I ban, especially when I call someone out, say hi and I get no response, I will ban you and maybe for life. Please remember that I am a person and I came online for the social interaction.

I ban people who talk yet make me feel like a piece of meat because I want people to like me not just for my looks but for me as a person.

I also ban people when I am unable to talk to understand them, as in we simply don't see eye to eye. Again, this is my problem not yours.

I ban PM viewers because they do not contribute to the livelihood of my chatroom, therefore my happiness on cam.

I ban people with tokens who sit idly in my room and don't tip me because they have already given MFC their money, yet their actions tell me I'm not worth anything. Again, they are not supporting my livelihood on cam.

Sometimes the bans are not about not talking to me, nor not tipping me, it's simply the fact that looking at your screen name makes me feel bad about myself, and if I don't have to look at your screen name, I won't feel bad.

I have also banned members certain who use my room as a rest stop when their favorite models are not on cam.

I ban people who don't spend money on MFC because they don't contribute to the livelihood of the website that puts the roof over my head.

My views on banning are extremely harsh and terribly different than most models, and you may think I am a cunt but I just don't care because I care about my own happiness. That is why I ban, and ban so many people because I'm all about quality and not quantity.

What makes me happy and keeps you from getting banned? Try taking interest in me as a person. Ask me meaningful questions about myself, my views. Don't just tip for tits and ask if I will meet up with you. That makes me feel like shit. The way men lust for me on cam disgusts me because it makes me feel like an object that is perishable and replaceable. This isn't to say that I am not sexual or lust is bad. I am just saying that I don't like it when people purely lust after me because I am trying to create an environment where people like me as a person and we can have a decent substantial conversation with each other.

I do understand that I work on a sex site that entertains the lust of people. But you have to remember that I work for myself. I live for myself, and this is what I want.

I want a following that appreciates me as a person, and not just how I look naked because I think I look awesome naked. To have people like me just for my nudity would be too easy.

You can tip 1001tkns with Un-ban in the tip note. ATTN: If you are ignored, I wont be able to see your tip when I'm online, only in the form of offline tips/tip notes.

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